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 Forum Tutorials

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PostSubject: Forum Tutorials   Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:01 pm

Since the FAQ page is weird I'll make a personal tutorial page.

TUTORIAL 01. How to post.

First you have o go to the forum you wan to talk in. Say it was the general forum. So you click he General Forum. Next you choose the topic you want to discuss in. Say it was, General Chat. So click General Chat. Note that the newer posts go straight to the front page and the older posts move back when new posts come in. Any way, you will see a little spikey button, with a blue puffle in it saying "REPLY" click it and you will see a box that you can type in. Type in what ever you want to say and under it, there is a send button. When you are done typing, click that button to post what you have typed. And that is how you post.
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Forum Tutorials
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